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The IAPPR’s UK media consultant is Danny Curran, who is also an IAPPR founder member and the founder and managing director of Finders International. Finders International is one of the probate research industry’s largest firms, and Danny has nearly 30 years experience in the industry.

The IAPPR is open to the possible appointment of additional founder members and media consultants, especially in other jurisdictions. Please contact us if this interests you.

Danny Curran has established a reputation as an industry spokesman through numerous TV, radio and press appearances, including repeated interviews with:

Danny recognises that professional probate researchers need to come together to raise standards and offer reassurance and protection to beneficiaries, especially from potentially fraudulent, unqualified or inexperienced individuals or firms who may even inadvertently attempt to process their work as correct and authoritative.

If you would like to interview Danny on any aspect of probate research, heir hunting or industry standards, please contact him by calling +44 (0)20 7490 4935.

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Deutschlandfunknova : Erben und die Generation-Y Plötzlich reich

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Es gab noch nie eine Generation, die so viel erben wird, wie unsere. Aber, es gibt natürlich ein großes "aber": Wer nichts erbt, wird abgehängt. Wir sprechen über das heikle Thema Geld und Erbe, mit einer Multimillionen-Erbin, die die Welt verändern will, mit einer Erben-Detektivin und einer Journalistin, die plötzlich am eigenen Beispiel gemerkt hat: Wer nichts erbt, gehört zu den Verlierern der Gesellschaft.

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