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Join a Professional Association that Brings Regulation, Integrity and Quality to an Unregulated Industry.



Why Become a Member of the IAPPR?

As part of a respected association, the IAPPR gives you:

As part of its commitment to development of the industry, the IAPPR will be aiming to offer:

  • Discounted products for members (such as insurances)

  • Solicitor/Lawyer advice from approved, and regulated firms

  • Affiliation with similar Professional Associations around the world

  • An exclusive member network of industry experts

Corporate Membership Benefits:

  • The right to publicise that you are an IAPPR regulated firm

  • Your firm can help to shape future policies and influence the IAPPR’s direction

  • Use of the corporate IAPPR logo on your website and other literature

  • Employees of an IAPPR firm can refer to their company’s membership of the IAPPR.

Qualification for IAPPR Membership

Are you a professional Company with 15 or more full time employees (or part-time equivalent)?

Are you willing to abide by the IAPPR Professional Conduct Code & Code of Ethics?

If your answer to both the above is ‘Yes’ then you can Apply to join now

The Chance to Become Part of a Clear Industry Voice for Raising Standards

IAPPR members will be established professional companies around the world. They will agree to Membership rules and bide by the Codes of Conduct & Ethics. They will contribute to a united association that aims to raise industry standards.

What qualifies as experience?

The IAPPR looks for experience that has been gained over a minimum of three years’ incorporation of a limited company or partnership or the equivalent in overseas jurisdictions within the probate research industry. Applicants must demonstrate that they have worked on more than 100 estates.